CPR Services

Medical Billing

Your clinic has seen the patient. Now what? CPR provides services from Credentialing to Collections, including claim filing, payment posting, appeals, and follow-up. Our goal is a quick turnaround time on each of your claims, thorough follow-through, and a complete and timely revenue cycle.

Non-Medical Billing

You’ve taken care of your client, and you need to get to your next appointment. Send your billing summary information to CPR and we’ll handle the rest. From billing the client, to ensuring A/R is worked in a timely fashion all the way through your collections process. We can take the headache out of the administrative process for you and let you do the thing you love: take care of your clients.

IT Services

Our IT staff is your IT staff. Not every office can hire a dedicated IT person on staff, but now you’ve got the next best thing. Our staff can handle equipment purchases, software setup, and functional issues you encounter day-to-day in your office, as well as routine maintenance issues. Ask us how we can help.

Contracting and Credentialing

We know what it’s like to be handed a contract or an application from an insurance carrier and not know where to start. We can handle all of your credentialing and follow-up, saving you time in the office and on the phone working on participation with the plans. Even if you’ve already handled the initial credentialing, most plans require a recredentialing every two to three years. We can remove the headache of all those forms and paperwork for you. We provide these services for our billing clients, and in many times we uncover and handle issues before you know they even exist.


“Having a company with dedication to the details has made a huge difference in our bottom line, and has been a huge blessing. We’re now focusing more on our business and less on fighting to get things paid”
- Business Owner, Little Rock

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