What can CPR do to help my practice?

The short answer is, anything you need us to do. We pride ourselves on being flexible and sensitive to the varying needs from office to office. We can perform larger tasks such as billing insurance, contracting or credentialing, as well as smaller tasks such as document management (where we monitor your documents and alert you before you are out of date). We also can handle one-off projects such as scanning, closing out records, or consulting on specific issues.

Can CPR work with providers outside Little Rock?

We can work anywhere. We currently have providers around Arkansas, as well as in surrounding states. Thanks to technology, we can set up an arrangement that suits your practice but helps us receive whatever information we need. Our processes are all HIPAA compliant, and ensure privacy and protection of your data.

Can CPR work for providers other than MDs?

Absolutely! We serve providers in multiple specialties, with varying degrees, for most of our services. We can handle most provider needs, including small facilities. This is especially true of our IT services, which are rendered to multiple non-medical entities.We also have a "non-medical" division, for services of landscapers, electricians, mechanics etc., who also need to bill and follow A/R on clients.

How does CPR bill?

We typically bill most clients monthly, although some projects may be billed on differing intervals. This will be arranged with you at the time of contracting. If you have a special requirement for billing, be sure to discuss your requests with us. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Can CPR work onsite?

Depending on the project you have in mind, we can evaluate dedicating staff to an on-site project. If you have special needs you believe necessitate an on-site presence, discuss those with us.

How we help?

Credentialing and Contracting support for most healthcare plans, Medicare, and Medicaid.
Claims filing and follow-through to increase cash flow and reduce dollars spent on expensive collections and write-off of charges due to improper follow-up
IT Services such as procurement of equipment, setup, installation, and maintenance, and so much more.


It has been a pleasure working with a billing company that you can trust to get the job done in a thorough, organized, and timely manner, I appreciate their dedication and attention to detail.”
- Office Manager, Little Rock

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